Our bookmarks

Our bookmarks tell their stories thanks to the enchantment of art, literature and nature: the sources of our inspiration. Their tale unwinds through the magic of handworked silver, the many hues of gold plating, the unpredictable shades of oxidation and the design of engravings. The extreme attention to detail, typical of Italian craftsmanship, makes our bookmarks particularly special, precious in their artisan charm and exquisite quality.

Water Serpents I

Water Serpents II

Cicely Mary Barker Narcissus fairy

Cicely Mary Barker Snowdrop fairy

Cicely Mary Barker Asphodel fairy

Shakespeare Hamlet

Tribute to Mackintosh - Cuckoo

Tribute to Mackintosh - Fritillaria

Tribute to Mackintosh – Borage

Monkey on branch

Pair of monkeys

Monkey with fruit

Morning after Rain

Japanese Dragon

Blossoming Cherry

Iris, Peonies, Sparrow, Dragonfly

Bullfinch and weeping cherry blossoms

There is no Frigate...

Moby Dick

The Catcher in the Rye

Adele Bloch-Bauer

The Kiss



The old saxophonist

Sistine Madonna

The tree

The bare tree

On the moon

A piece of the Moon

Puppy Love

The Fairy

The Bath

The frog

Tango with the Grim Reaper

Danse macabre


Kreutzer Sonate

Van Gogh the Starry Night

Van Gogh Self Portrait

Van Gogh Iris

Little Dancer

The Thinker

The Equestrian

Three musicians

The black and white cat

Little owl

The dog bookworm

Bono U2

Hi, Just thought of thanking you for the great work you've done. Really a masterpiece... :) Regards.

Mohammed Seif - United Arab Emirates

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