There is no Frigate...

This was our very first bookmark and most certainly the simplest, our mark was still undefined… but the idea was there. What you see here is the result of years of development of cutting and engraving techniques. And we are delighted that each time one of these pieces is ordered, we can include the words of a poetess we adore.



This bookmark measures 200 x 48 mm (~0.79“ x 1.89“) and weights about 53 g (~1.87 oz). Since these objects are handmade, slight differences will occur from one piece to the next.

Cut and engraved entirely by hand, finished with chemical browning.

They can be personalized with hand engraving. We can also create a special bookmark based on your own design.


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My beautiful bookmark of Meeka (my cat) is superb, thank you so much, a real treasure & tribute to your skills.

Myfanwy Spellerberg - New Zeland

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