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A hand is the essence of action: it grasps, creates and sometimes you could say that it thinks. When it is at rest it is not an inanimate tool, left there on the table or abandoned, lifeless: habit, instinct, and will-to-act whirl within it, and it’s easy to predict the gesture it will soon make...creating a new universe, leaving its traces everywhere. The handiwork transforms along with the material it is transforming, along with the shapes that it brings to life. (Henri Focillon, Éloge de la main)

The Bookmarks

Our bookmarks are coaxed out of a sheet of solid silver that we draw upon, cut, brush, polish, engrave – all by hand. The last passage is oxidation, gold-plating or enameling. Each bookmark is a unique, unrepeatable and exclusive gem, signed and numbered, and carefully placed in a special box designed to exalt the precious qualities of the artistic workmanship.

Shakespeare Hamlet

There is no Frigate...

The black and white cat

Moby Dick

The old saxophonist

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My beautiful bookmark of Meeka (my cat) is superb, thank you so much, a real treasure & tribute to your skills.

Myfanwy Spellerberg - New Zeland

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