The most beautiful bookmarks in the world

About the bookmarks

Our bookmarks are unique – we state this with a little bit of pride. Why? Simply because we craft them all by hand. It all begins with a little idea, an intuition, a spark. The hand shapes that idea through sketches on paper, and at that point we start the actual crafting. We pull the silver plate, we transfer the drawing, we pierce the shapes by paying meticulous attention. We brush it again, and then we start the engraving.

It is in this very moment that we see our idea coming out again in all its original beauty. Then we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous care of every single detail, every shade, every little particular through oxidation, gilding and polishing. This is the reason why two bookmarks with the same subject will never be identical, they will differ in the piercing, engraving and weight.

The handmade crafting allows us for a total expressive freedom, so that it is possible to craft together with you your bookmark. We don’t leave anything to chance as we are firmly sure that it is the care of every single detail that evokes an emotion. The growing variety of subjects allows us to face every day a new challenge and allows you to chose the bookmark you feel yours.

Reach us

For any kind of information, enquires or order a custom bookmark, you can write us using the address below. Also for touch with hands our bookmarks, see how they are created and buy them directly, you can meet us our laboratory in Udine, at the corner between via Larga and via Ronchi